Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Okay, Pac-Man has hit the arcades. Everyone in the world is now waiting in line with quarters overflowing in their pockets just to get chance to play it. In the wake of this awesome game, we now have to weed through a few things. Namely:

1. The ultra crappy Atari 2600 rendition

2. The vomit-inducing stupid song

3. The endless number of stupid clones…including…

Well, I think this screenshot speaks for itself. A more miserable clone I could not image. Actually, I’ll admit, I’m not the first and foremost most knowlegeable of a piranha’s position in the food chain. However, I’m pretty sure that a squid is not its mortal enemy. Yeah, I know, Pac-Man didn’t make sense either, but at least both Pac-Man and his enemies were both mythical in nature. They weren’t just some stupid idea for a clone.

However, I have a humorous childhood memory of this game. There was a small grocery store close to where I lived when I was growing up. The name of the store was Eller’s Grocery. They had a Piranha arcade game. The game was always damaged and Out-of-Order because people would always abuse it and mark it with graffiti. I remember, someone actually put a sticker on it that said “This game sucks, play Pac-Man instead”. It was an actual sticker, not just something someone wrote down. Needless to say, it cracked me up.

While Pac-Man stands up in the annals of time, Piranha does not…well, maybe it does in the Grantster.com Hall of Shame.


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